Top 5 Places to Stargaze in Missouri River Country

When visiting Northeast Montana, prepare yourself for a star-studded evening. More room to roam means more space to explore, and on the prairie, that means 360 degrees of spectacular views of the Milky Way and Northern Lights. Don’t believe us? Check out our top places to stargaze and see for yourself!

The Pines Recreation Area

Aptly named for the pine trees in the area, The Pines Recreation Area is located along Fort Peck Lake. With great points along high hills, this spot is great for a night hike with stunning views.

Seven Sisters Wildlife Management Area

Located just south of Sidney, Seven Sisters Wildlife Management Area is a hidden gem located along the Yellowstone River.

Little Rocky Mountains

The Little Rocky Mountains are a prominent mountain range in the heart of Missouri River Country. Located far from any major towns, this is a great spot to take in the stars.

Hell Creek State Park

Located on Fort Peck Lake, Hell Creek State Park is located in the darkest night sky rating possible. A campground is located here, too, making it a convenient place to watch the show!

Brush Lake State Park

Located on the eastern border of Montana and North Dakota, Brush Lake State Park is a quiet and beautiful place to spend the evening watching the galaxies.

Check out our gallery below to see some of the views that await you in Northeast Montana, where the best show in Montana happens live every night.



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