Be Starstruck in Montana | Montana’s Missouri River Country

Be Starstruck in Montana

Come See Our Dark Side

Montana is known for big blue skies and endless, jaw-dropping views, but the adventure overhead doesn’t end when the day does. By night, Montana dazzles. Dark skies in Western Montana’s Glacier Country and Montana’s Missouri River Country offer one cosmic experience. You’ll find observatories and stargazing spots throughout both regions. Just look up and be blown away by an unreal canvas of constellations, galaxies, planets and nebulae. Ever seen the Milky Way? Our skies deliver, night after night. You may even spot the northern lights if you time it right.

stargazing in Glacier

Stargazing in Glacier Country is part of Western Montana’s allure. Light pollution is at a minimum out here. In fact, Glacier National Park is an internationally recognized Dark Sky Park. You’ll find plenty of places to camp and stargaze in Glacier Country, or just lay out a blanket and explore the cosmos in awe.

stargazing in Missouri River Country

Stargazing in Missouri River Country is an equally magical experience. You've seen those photos of unbelievable views of the cosmos and now you can see them in person, right here. Whether you’re a rough and ready camper or prefer to retreat indoors after outdoor adventures, prepared for the night sky show of a lifetime.


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