Things to do in Missouri River Country

Go to a County Fair in Missouri River Country

July 19, 2019
Summer in Missouri River Country is stacked with exciting events for every kind of visitor, from the history buffs to the river rats, and everyone in between. One thing you can always expect to find in this region is summertime fun at Missouri River Country’s many county fairs.

Eight counties make up Missouri River Country, and each one holds their own annual fair for locals and incoming visitors to enjoy. Every community adds their own unique touch to these multi-day fairs, and family and friends come together from all over for a piece of the action. You can expect to find 4-H clubs and petting zoos, community BBQ’s and food vendors, live country music and dancing, and kid-friendly events and activities. Many of these fairs, such as the Sheridan County Fair in Plentywood and the McCone County Fair in Circle, add to the excitement with one of Montana's classic Western rodeos.

Remember, you don’t have to pick just one! Explore the schedule of events for each county fair to find your next dose of good old fashioned Western fun in Missouri River Country.

Sheridan County Fair & PRCA Rodeo

Richland County Fair & Rodeo

Phillips County Fair

Roosevelt County Fair

Garfield County Fair

McCone County Fair & PRCA Rodeo

Valley County Fair

Daniels County Fair


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